Stand In The Gap

  • We’re extremely grateful for the partnerships that we have with our church congregations throughout our community.  We benefit tremendously from the support that we’re provided for our mentoring programs, staff recognition days, school supply drives, volunteer outreach, and meeting a variety of basic needs for our students and families.  I’m certain that we simply cannot operate at a high level without the support of our church congregations.

    For this year, we’re going a step further and asking our church congregations and community to “Stand In The Gap” for us.  Stand in the gap between the challenges of this world and our staff and students through prayer.  Here are just a few things that we would be so grateful if you prayed for our staff and students:

    1. Peace at home and school,
    2. Productive and successful days,
    3. Opportunities to encourage others,
    4. Wise decision-making, and
    5. Protection from harm.


    Dr. Tyson Bennett