Board Briefs 1.21.19

First Order of Business

Crutchfield Elementary Students Lead US and Texas Pledges During Board Meeting

The Crutchfield Elementary Student Council led the US and Texas pledges during the board meeting. The group is made up of about 50 students that enjoy learning leadership skills and representing their campus at district-wide events. The Crutchfield Student Council is under the direction of Ms. Julie Brown.



Superintendent's Report


December Staff of the Month Recognitions

Secondary Teacher of the Month

Jeff Clements continually goes above and beyond for his students and colleagues at Sherman High School. He has an innate ability to connect with his students and inspires them to learn animation and graphic design through creativity and communication. He uses his creativity to design logos, invitations and photographic placemats for the monthly bearcat luncheons held at SHS. Simply put, he always has a positive attitude and is willing to help with any project, big or small. While he often chooses to remain behind the scenes, his impact and presence are apparent in his designs seen throughout the SHS campus.



Elementary Teacher of the Month

Blanca Serrano is a second-grade bilingual teacher at Crutchfield Elementary. Although this is only her second year of teaching, Ms. Serrano conducts her classes as if she has had many years of experience. She understands the academic and social and emotional needs of her students and maintains a high level of rigor inside her classroom. Ms. Serrano is always thinking of out of the box ways to capture the attention of her students and enhance their bilingual skills. Last year, after a chapter book study, Ms. Serrano’s class wrote their class book in English and Spanish. A copy of the book was purchased for the campus library for students to enjoy. 



Team of the Month

Dillingham 6th Grade Science Team has been a bright spot on their campus and has worked as a cohesive group throughout the year. As a team, the group attended the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching, and each team member returned with great ideas. Since attending the conference, the team has implemented coding activities, breakout boxes, and STEM activities for the students of Dillingham. During the February professional development, Ms. Voss plans to use the team to show teachers how to implement their engaging strategies inside of their classroom. This team continues to do a great job and are genuinely student-centered.



Employee of the Month

Lydia Noble serves as the lead librarian for Sherman ISD. She has a passion for literacy and works diligently to see that all Sherman ISD libraries are equipped and operate to promote literacy and a love of reading for all Sherman ISD students.  Ms. Noble currently serves on the leadership committee for the Texas Library Association and is now working with a consortium of area libraries on a community-based reading project. You can find Ms. Noble on the campus of Fred Douglass Early Childhood center providing technical support to the school and serving as the librarian for that campus. She is always willing to help out and does an outstanding job with whatever she is working on



Austin College Students Recognized for Community Early Literacy Project

Reading proficiency at an early age setsa strong foundation for academic success through high school and college. Recently, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Instruction Susan Whitenack reached out to Austin College  professor, Dr. Martinella Dryburgh, to help promote early literacy throughout the community. Austin College leadership students Green Alexander, Katelyn Bass, Chris Chiles, and Thurein Wai then conducted research and wrote a a proposal, to create an early literacy project they named “Reading with Roos.” The students worked throughout the fall semester to establish reading corners in local restaurants.  The students also partnered with local restaurant managers to promote family reading time. Additionally, Austin College students collected more than 700 children’s books. The group will donate the books to Sherman ISD to continue to promote early literacy and provide free books for student use.



Sherman ISD Celebrates School Board Appreciation Month

January is School Board Recognition Month, and Sherman ISD has joined the Texas Association of School Boards and other districts across the state to honor the countless contributions of the Sherman ISD Board of trustees and other locally elected advocates for Texas students and public schools.

It’s a big job and a critically important one. Fortunately, in Sherman ISD, we have great examples of adults who have already stepped up to make our district ready for the inquiring minds of our students. We are proud to say that our Board of Trustees are volunteers who donate hours of their time each month to keep their commitment to the staff and students of our district. Our trustees receive no pay for their work, are required to seek out hours of training each year and are public servants who generously work to benefit the students of our district.

Take a moment to recognize our school board. Take a moment to honor the work they are doing to plant the seeds of success in the students in your community. Take a moment to say thank you for the work our school board members are doing on your behalf.

Join Sherman ISD in celebrating School Board Recognition Month!





Sherman ISD Board of Trustees Approve 2019-2020 Academic Calendar


The Sherman ISD Board of Trustees approved the academic calendar for the 2019-2020 school year during the Monday night board meeting. The new calendar features built in time for parent-teacher conferences, as well as professional learning and workdays for teachers.

The development of the Sherman ISD academic calendar is a collaborative process involves the District Calendar Committee, comprised of members of the District Improvement Committee, PTA presidents, Sherman ISD teachers, staff, parents and community members. The committee began meeting in November to identify priorities and design the academic calendar. For the complete story, click hereTo view the 2019-2020 calendar and the list of FAQs,  you may click here.


Annual TAPR Report


Each year, Sherman ISD presents the district’s annual performance report which provides teachers and school leaders with information about strengths and areas for continued work. Sherman ISD will utilize the data to set both district and campus goals and design action steps for our Campus and District Improvement Plans.

In 2017-2018, student performance increased in 3rd and 4th-grade reading, 4th and 7th-grade writing and 6th and 7th-grade math. Students in Sherman ISD performed at or above the state average in 4th and 7th-grade writing, 6th and 7th-grade math and on the US History EOC. The complete report will be available for review on the district’s website in February.

New Sherman High School Building Project Approval

The Sherman ISD Board of Trustees approved the budget for the final phase of construction of the new Sherman High School during the January board meeting. With the unanimous approval, the fourth phase of development will begin in February and will include the completion of the main building, athletic sites, and the courtyard. Several significant components such as site work, pavement markings, athletic fencing, metal screens, weather-proofing, roofing, elevators, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, electrical and more will also be included. Phase four construction has an estimated total cost of $116,057,073 and is scheduled for completion in August of 2020.