Board Briefs 12.17.18

First Order of Business

Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center Students Lead US and Texas Pledges During Board Meeting

Some of the district’s youngest learners led the US and Texas pledges during the Monday night board meeting. Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center students proudly recited both pledges and posed for photos with their teachers after their presentation. Students at the campus practice the pledges daily and are always highly engaged in different learning activities throughout the day. Fred Douglass serves students in pre-k4 and the Head Start program.



Superintendent's Report


November Staff of the Month Recognitions

Secondary Teacher of the Month

Courtney Hill is a bright light on the campus of Dillingham Intermediate. What makes her stand out is the fact that she is always searching for new ways to help students reach their full potential. As a sixth grade teacher, she is full of ideas that help her to enhance her students’ learning experiences. Mrs. Hill serves on the campus PBIS Committee and is known for being a very positive co-worker.

Courtney Hill

Elementary Teacher of the Month

Karen Harper is a highly engaging second-grade teacher at Sory Elementary who uses interactive learning strategies as a tool to motivate students. Her strength is building relationships with students and their families so that there is trustworthiness. Mrs. Harper consistently displays a positive attitude which rubs off on her students. Each day her classroom is filled with laughter, love, and learning and she takes personal accountability for each of her students. She is always willing to try different strategies and techniques to help her students make connections between real life and learning content.

karen Harper

Team of the Month

The Neblett Elementary First Grade Team has taken on the PLC and team planning with gusto. This semester, they have embraced the new reading curriculum and worked diligently with the campus instructional coach on RTI groups, guided reading, phonics, and math stations. Student reading levels are showing gains, and student behavior issues have decreased as a result of their hard work. The team has maintained a positive attitude and has been committed to doing the work to ensure students success.

First Grafe Team

Employee of the Month

Sandra Melton has significantly enhanced the library services for the students of Neblett Elementary. She provides enrichment opportunities that align with lessons students are covering during their classes. This year, Ms. Melton has taken on managing the district’s pilot program for inventorying resources. Ms. Melton is an active community advocate and now serves on the Sherman City Council. Her love for her community is evident as she continues to bring in special guest speakers from members of the community to engage with students to enhance their learning experience.

Sandra Melton

Finisar Recognized as Community Partner of the Month

Finisar has been a great community partner and has recently provided the Sherman Education Foundation with a gift totaling $10,000. The generous donation will help support the district’s instructional technology plan and will be used to purchases laptops for SHS students. We thank Finisar for their continued support of Sherman ISD.


Sherman Education Foundation Major Saver Presentation

The Sherman Education Foundation and the Major Saver Foundation sponsored a district-wide fundraiser that raised $31,815.00 for the participating campuses and the Sherman Education Foundation Endowment Fund.  Half of the funds raised will be distributed to participating schools.

The following campuses will receive funds for educational enrichment:

  • Crutchfield Elementary
  • Fairview Elementary
  • Jefferson Elementary
  • Neblett Elementary
  • Sory Elementary
  • Wakefield Elementary
  • Washington Elementary
  • Dillingham Intermediate
  • Piner Middle School






Academic Planning Guide and Course Selection Process

The 2018-2019  Sherman ISD Academic Planning Guide give students and parents an overview of the curriculum requirements for Sherman ISD and aids in the course selection process. Students can use the guide as a framework for selecting courses with the help of a school counselor or parent.

The Academic Planning Guide also provides resources for college and career planning for students and parents. It includes all courses offered at both Piner Middle School and Sherman High School along with a comparison of Advanced Placement and Dual Credit Courses, and the new Associate Degree pathway offered at SHS in the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

Students and parents can use the Academic Planning Guide for a student’s entire secondary academic career. The registration process for the 2019-2020 school year will begin in January and will include multiple meetings with parents and students. Counselors are available at schools for additional information on the academic planning guide and course selection process.


Special Education Annual Report

Students in Sherman ISD benefit from a variety of district programs that enhance their educational experience with approximately twelve percent of SISD students receiving services from the district’s Special Education Department.

By providing individualized educational plans and additional academic and behavioral support, this year the district has seen an addition of 68 students that receive special education services. The services include learning disabilities, speech impairment, and other health impairment. SISD offers additional support with specialized programs which include Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, and Behavior Disorders.

Director of Special Education Kaye Allen says her team welcomes student growth for her department and maintains a student focus in all of the department goals.

“We see continued growth in our population, and our goal is that all students will receive quality tier one service,” she explained. “Since 2017, we have seen an increase in the number of referrals and evaluations for students to receive additional services and our entire district’s team is working hard to address student needs.”

Recently, SISD partnered with Region 10, Plano ISD, Richardson ISD, and Wylie ISD, and was awarded a one million dollar grant to provide additional curriculum and instructional materials for teachers of students with autism. Since the implementation of grant, the district’s Autism Star Program has had success in supporting strategies for teaching based on autism research, applied behavior analysis instructional strategies, and curriculum content areas.



Board Presentations

New Sherman High School Design Update

Final design plans for the new SHS building were presented to the SISD Board of Trustees during the Monday night board meeting. VLK Architects provided the update that showcased a final design plan that included eight specific design features the charrette design committee considered priorities in the new school’s design. The eight features included Pride, a grand entrance, natural lighting inside of the building, a pride walk, outdoor learning areas, Career and technical education spaces,  the reflection of tradition, and experiences. Throughout the presentation, VLK showcased how each design objective is included in the design of the school to create a great learning environment for the students of Sherman High School.

Cadence McShane Construction closed out the presentation and discussed their building bid process, which included a total or more than 300 bids from companies throughout the United States and several from the Grayson County area. Currently, construction on the new SHS is progressing with one hundred percent of the site being mass graded. The building pad is complete, and utilities for the building are going in. The company is on track to have vertical construction going in by the beginning of May, 2019.

SHS Out SHS Plans Inside


New SHS Branding Project

The rich history of Sherman ISD can be attributed to the district’s culture and legacy. That culture and legacy can be seen and felt as you walk down the hallways of the current Sherman High School or visit the Sherman Ex-Students Association Museum. As the district prepares to move into the new SHS building, the goal is to ensure that the rich culture and legacy transitions into the new building but is used to motivate students for success.

The goals for the new high school’s branding project are simple. SISD will honor the past, celebrate the present and propel students into the future with unique designs specifically for Sherman High School. The branding project will consist of research, a series of meetings and committees comprised of SHS staff and students to capture the essence of what it means to be a Bearcat. To begin the research phase of the branding project, Sherman ISD will launch a Sherman High School Legacy survey to capture information and memories from people that represent different eras of Sherman High School. Share your ideas and memories now by taking the SHS legacy survey, today.



Action-Adoption of Consent Agenda

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Approval of Gifts
  3. Approval of Financial Reports
  4. Approval of New Electricity Provider

Future Board Meetings:

Upcoming Events:

  • December 24-January 4-Christmas/New Year Break
  • January 7-Teacher Work Day
  • January 8-Students return from Christmas New Year Break