STRONG-What Does It Mean?

Posted by Ms. Kent on 8/3/2020

We use the word STRONG a lot at Sherman High School, don't we? Start STRONG! Be STRONG! Stay STRONG! Finish STRONG! Bearcat STRONG! Did you  know that STRONG is an acronym? Each letter represent a word that is the essence of Sherman High School and becoming the best we can be. 

S-Spirit: A fundamental part of being alive

T-Tradition: The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation

R-Recognition: Appreciation or acclaim for an achievement, service, or ability

O-Organization: A body of people with a particular purpose; the act of organizing

N-Never Quit: At no time, give up

G-Growth: The process of developing or maturing or increasing in amount, value, or importance

So, with Freshman year behind you and Sophomore year ahead, I encourage you to get involved, encourage others, be positive, always do your best, and STAY STRONG!


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