New Sherman High School Design Update

Final design plans for the new SHS building were presented to the SISD Board of Trustees during the Monday night board meeting. VLK Architects provided the update that showcased a final design plan that included eight specific design features the charrette design committee considered priorities in the new school’s design. The eight features included Pride, a grand entrance, natural lighting inside of the building, a pride walk, outdoor learning areas, Career and technical education spaces,  the reflection of tradition, and experiences. Throughout the presentation, VLK showcased how each design objective is included in the design of the school to create a great learning environment for the students of Sherman High School.

Cadence McShane Construction closed out the presentation and discussed their building bid process, which included a total or more than 300 bids from companies throughout the United States and several from the Grayson County area. Currently, construction on the new SHS is progressing with one hundred percent of the site being mass graded. The building pad is complete, and utilities for the building are going in. The company is on track to have vertical construction going in by the beginning of May, 2019.