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Jefferson Elementary Custodian Vital to Campus Success

From arriving to school early to unlock the campus doors, to maintaining clean hallways and classrooms, custodians in Sherman ISD do whatever it takes to ensure that all teachers and students educate and learn in a safe and healthy environment.

At Jefferson Elementary, custodian Gary Cooper wouldn’t have it any other way. He has served the district as a custodian since 2003 and prides himself on managing the custodial needs of the campus.

“I look forward to opening up the building and making sure everything is secure for the teachers to enter the building,” he said. “I love my job as a custodian and I look forward to providing for the teachers and making sure everything is taken care of.”

On a daily basis, Cooper is mopping the floors, cleaning bathrooms and ensuring that all areas utilized by students, teachers and staff are well kept and clean. Jefferson Elementary Principal Tammy MacDonald says the campus depends on his proper building maintenance as well as his positive personality.

“Cooper has a unique sense of humor and we can always rely on him to lighten the mood,” she said. “It’s fun to have someone that not only knows his job but has a relationship with the staff. He’s a part of the family.”

Cooper often takes time out of his day to check up on students and encourage them to do their best during school. His main priority is ensuring students have the support they need while they are engaged in learning and that campus cleanliness is kept at a high standard.

“We try to grow together as custodians and do everything that’s right with our custodial procedures,” he explained. “If you see something laying on the floor go ahead and pick it up regardless of who put it there.”

Literacy Specialist and veteran teacher Sebrina Stiggers believes that Cooper is a difference maker at Jefferson Elementary.

“He helps out around our campus and does more than is expected of him. The spills, the clean ups, the trash pickups and cafeteria duty are all just a small part of what he does at Jefferson,” she said. “He makes a difference in my day and it is very much appreciated.”

Cooper simply believes he is just doing his job.

“Whatever they need and ask I am willing to do it,” Cooper added.

Kimberly Simpson