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Sherman ISD Hosts Legacy Leaders Day of Service

Students across Sherman ISD worked together to serve their community on Friday, November 17 as the district hosted its first annual Legacy Leaders Day of Service.

Bearcats volunteered by organizing food bags for the needy, cleaning local parks, spending time with senior citizens, and much more. The idea of the event was to inspire students to show gratitude by giving back to the community that does so much to support them.

Sherman High School senior Garrett Wilkens and 38 other SHS volunteers helped to beautify Pecan Grove Park by spreading new wood mulch across the playgrounds and picking up trash.

“Volunteering in the community is key to giving back to everyone who has supported us in everything we do,” Wilkens said. “I have a lot of cherished memories at parks, and coming back and doing this means other families can make those memories.”

Across town, Piner Middle School seventh graders organized the food pantry at Grand Central Station, which had just double-ordered supplies to prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We love having the kids volunteer because they’re eager to help and are hard workers,” said  Sabrena Keathly, coordinator for Market Depot Food Pantry. “Kids learn a lot here, and I think it’s important for them to see people who are in need and to fulfill that need. It builds character.”

Little girl points a book held by elementary studentHelping at Grand Central Station was Piper Roberts, who said she had never volunteered before but knew the importance of serving the broader community.

“Some people aren’t always able to do everything, or maybe they don’t have certain things they really need,” Roberts said. “By doing this, it helps them live a better life.”

Not too far from downtown Sherman, Sory Elementary students sorted toys and read to students at the preschool School For Little People.

“My kids love having older kids around and look up to them as role models, and the older ones can show off the hard work they’ve put into learning,” said Whitney Tarvin, director of School For Little People.

African American student pulls weeds from public gardenAt the Sherman Public Library, Piner sixth graders cleaned the table and shelves while Neblett Elementary students weeded the garden in front of the building. Just before that, the same Neblett group had helped with labeling bags of food for hungry families.

“I saw that some people don’t always have what we have, so we really need to appreciate what we get,” said Neblett fifth grader Pyper Creech.

Becky Hogenson with the Grayson County Master Gardeners oversaw the group and said that by volunteering at various places in Sherman, students have a better understanding of what the community offers and how to make it a better place for everyone.

“This creates our future citizens and helps them value their community,” Hogenson said. “As Master Gardeners, when we do projects with the library and the students, it’s a win-win for everyone.”


Volunteer Opportunities for Students

Interested in hosting Sherman ISD students next year for our second annual Legacy Leaders Day of Service? Please contact Julie Kerr, directors of partners in education, at to discuss opportunities for our students to serve your organization.