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Oklahoma! Musical Dates to be Rescheduled

November 6, 2023

We understand that questions have arisen regarding the current production of Oklahoma! by students at Sherman High School, including how students are assigned to roles.

The public performance of a high school musical requires the consideration and balance of a variety of factors given the fact that it is a production by students, the majority of whom are underage. It was brought to the District’s attention that the current production contained mature adult themes, profane language, and sexual content. Unfortunately, all aspects of the production need to be reviewed, including content, stage production/props, and casting to ensure that the production is appropriate for the high school stage.

There is no policy on how students are assigned to roles. As it relates to this particular production, the sex of the role as identified in the script will be used when casting. Because the nature and subject matter of productions vary, the District is not inclined to apply this criteria to all future productions.

The District will postpone the performances from December 8-10, 2023, to a later date. The District anticipates the public performances will be scheduled for some time after January 15, 2024. Between now and then, we will be working diligently to produce Oklahoma! as a musical that is appropriate for the high school stage.

We recognize and greatly appreciate the hard work and commitment all team members have exhibited to support the production to date. We thank the entire community for its patience and understanding during this time.