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SHS Students Get Creative With Old Tradition

Student create Homecoming MumsWith Homecoming Week here and a demand for mums as high as ever, the floral design classes at SHS were up to the task, creating mums with small personal flourishes for not only themselves but for other students.

“I started by teaching my classes the history of Homecoming mums and how it’s done only in Texas,” said floral design teacher Julie Pearcy. “It’s exciting to have the opportunity to expand from fresh flowers into simulating them artificially to promote school spirit.”

For Pearcy who moved to Sherman from out-of-state, the tradition is relatively new. She made her first mum last year during Homecoming Week and loved the process.

“It was my first year here, and I made a mum for the office I was working in,” Pearcy said. “I felt like I fumbled through it, but I was prepared and excited for this year.”

The classes are provided all the necessary supplies for a Homecoming mum, from streamers to charms to the flower, and Pearcy encouraged her students to reach inside for creative inspiration.

“Each student puts their own spin on it,” she said. “Do they play a sport? Do they want their mum to sparkle? It’s all about individuality and creativity here.”

Junior Trey Bevels enjoys the freedom of expression the class gives him as well as the hands-on, engaging work of creating a Homecoming mum.

“I love being hands-on with anything art-related,” Bevels said. “To be able to touch something, feel something and create something, that’s how I learn.”

For his personal mum, Bevels drew inspiration from family. Bevels is honoring his grandfather, who passed away a year ago, by incorporating his favorite colors: silver and maroon.

“I had to make a few creative adjustments to include the colors,” Bevels said. “I try to honor my grandfather in anything I make that’s special to me.”

The floral design class also incorporates a service element by allowing students to create Homecoming mums for others. Between class and home, Bevels made two mums this past week, one more personalized for him and another made to give out to students.

“We have about 200 students between all the floral design classes making mums,” Pearcy said. “That means 200 students will have the opportunity to receive a mum and actively represent the school during Homecoming Week.”