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Ready to Reconnect Recognition Program Highlights Students and Staff

Sherman ISD continues to encourage and support its students and staff by recognizing those who were secretly nominated for the second round of the #ReadyToReconnect recognition program. The nomination called for teachers and students who have been #ReadytoReconnect each day since Sherman ISD began school under the #OperationReconnect reopening plan. These students and teachers have shown leadership in being supportive, positive, engaged, or lending a helping hand to a colleague or peer during this unique time. 

Students and teachers that were nominated by SISD staff were surprised with a personal visit from Superintendent of Schools, Dr. David Hicks, Director of Communications Kimberly Simpson, Director of Partners in Education Julie Mitchell, and their campus principal. Each student and teacher was presented with a Bearcat swag bag that includes a shirt, gift cards, and a sweet treat. 

A special thanks to our community partners Red River Title, Trusted ER, Red River ER, and David Smith. Congrats to all our winners! 

Wakefield Elementary


  • Michelle St. Amour: Nominated by Principal Eartha Linson
    • Mrs. St. Amour has done a great job leading the Student Council. She’s made sure that virtual students are able to participate and take the lead on positions as officers.  She created a virtual platform for each student to give their speeches and present the election posters. St. Amour has also created class meeting lessons to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month bringing recognition to the work of the Heritage Club.
  • Nurse Jackie Hampton: Nominated by Principal Linson
    • Nurse Hampton has helped the campus as they onboard a new receptionist. She has done a great job tracking students and staff and answering questions for parents and staff. 
  • Haylea Dooley: Nominated by Principal Linson 
    • Mrs. Dooley has taken on the lead role in making sure virtual teachers have an opportunity to communicate as a team. She has planned lessons, created extra tutoring sessions for students and parents, and supports teachers on campus.  She also serves on the Virtual Exploratory Committee.


  • Jermaine Matthews: Nominated by Principal Linson 
    • This young man comes to school early on the bus, assisting kindergarten and first-grade students to the correct teachers and classrooms.
  • Peyton Strauser: Nominated by Principal Linson 
    • She serves as president of the student council and worked virtually to support the BOTA canned food drive.

Fairview Elementary


  • Tonja Van Sickle: Nominated by Juli Rose 
    • Tonja spends her days reaching out to parents, creating engaging online lessons, and going above and beyond to make sure her virtual students are receiving the best education possible.
  • Rebecca Nash: Nominated by Jeanette Brock 
    • She eagerly helps our parents daily. Fairview online students have her in their corner as they work safely from home. She has helped our teachers get reconnected in the classrooms by making sure all their technology is running properly to integrate fun learning opportunities. Nash has been an amazing asset in helping students get registered through the online enrollment process. Not only has Fairview reconnected but stays connected with leadership from Nash.
  • Cassi Samples: Nominated by Principal Matejko 
    • Ms. Samples has been a leader on campus. She’s a great team leader for second grade and helps with lesson plans while other teachers have been out. She’s always willing to do whatever it takes to make her campus successful.


  • Novalee Adams: Nominated by Principal Matejko 
    • Novalee is a model student at Fairview!  She always has a great attitude. She has been ready to reconnect since day one and hasn't missed a day of school this year.
  • Kyra Kobow: Nominated by Principal Matejko 
    • Kyra has the best attitude. She’s always happy to see her friends and teachers while brightening up their day. Kyra has also started off her kindergarten year with perfect attendance.

Haylea Dooley

First Grade teacher Haylea Dooley was nominated and surprised.

Wakefield Nurse

Nurse Jackie Hampton was nominated for her hard work during this year and managing the health safety of her campus. 


Michelle St. Amour was nominated for doing a great job leading the Student Council.


Tonja Van Sickle was nominated for spending her days reaching out to parents and creating engaging online lessons.


Novalee is a model student at Fairview!  She always has a great attitude.


Rebecca Nash does an amazing job helping students and parents stay connected.


Kyra Kobow consistently brings a positive attitude to Fairview.

Wakefield Students

 Jermaine Matthews (right) comes to school early on the bus, assisting kindergarten and first grade students. Peyton Strauser serves as president of the student council and worked virtually to support the BOTA canned food drive.

Jasmine Baker