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Sherman ISD Launches #SISDMaskUp Campaign Featuring Campus Mascots

As Sherman ISD prepares to start the school year, the district is launching its #Maskup campaign to promote wearing a mask at school and healthy behaviors throughout the district. The campaign will serve as a reminder to all students and staff that a face covering will be required on campus to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Neblett Knigght

"We know that the start of this school year is going to be very different for our students and staff. We want to communicate in a creative way that all students and staff will be required to wear a mask while they are in any district building," Sherman ISD Director of Communications Kimberly Simpson explained. "We have worked hard to put health safety procedures in place, and we hope that our parents and students will become our partners in this campaign to protect our peers, staff members, and families. 

To help drive the #SISDMaskup campaign home, SISD has enlisted the help of each campus mascot to promote the importance of wearing a face-covering properly over your mouth, nose, and chin on the school bus and inside any district building. Each mascot has been photographed wearing a face covering and holding a sign with a special message to connect with students. Posters of the mascots will be posted throughout each campus for students to see upon entering their school.

“We’re thinking of ways to connect the #SISDMaskUp campaign message to our students. They love and respect their campus mascots and seeing them masked up with a face covering will motivate our students to do the same."

Fred Douglass Mascot Sherman ISD has put several health and safety measures in place and has included them in the district's reopening plan, Operation Reconnect. Some of the measures implemented for infection control include social distancing, infection control practices (handwashing, use of face coverings), wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), and management and isolation of students showing signs of illness. The second call to action for the #SISDMaskup campaign is to get parents to review the district's 30-page reopening plan document.

"Our district's Operation Reconnect plan includes guidance from local and national health authorities and it’s how we determined how our district would implement best practices regarding opening school during the COVID-19 pandemic," Simpson said. “We encourage parents to thoroughly review the plan to be informed about all health and safety measures that have been implemented. Specifically, we ask parents to partner with us and be responsible for ensuring their students are wearing face coverings and taking their child's temperature before school and attesting to the health of their child(ren) daily."Billy Bob

The district's #SISDMaskup campaign will continue throughout the semester to serve as a reminder for students each day. Students who are ready to mask up are encouraged to share their photos or videos on how they will mask up for the school year and follow all district health and safety measures. Use the hashtag #SISDMaskup to join in on the district-wide campaign, and the SISD Communications department will share the images on the district's social media pages. For more information on this campaign, please email


Mask Up Poster

Kimberly Simpson