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Sherman ISD Announces 2019-2020 Staff Members of the Year

A dedicated administrative assistant, a devoted first-year teacher, a hard-working volunteer, a superhero department, and two deserving teachers of the year were all celebrated as Sherman ISD staff members of the year. 

Each individual and team was honored by SISD campus and district leaders at the SISD administration building, and the teachers of the year received a surprise home visit from SISD to celebrate their awards.


Elementary & Secondary Teachers of the Year

Elementary Teacher of the Year

Cathy Van Horn

Fairview Elementary

Sherman ISD is proud to announce Cathy Van Horn as the Sherman ISD Elementary Teacher of the Year! Cathy Van Horn is a highly engaging kindergarten teacher at Fairview Elementary. She uses interactive learning strategies to teach her students and knows everything they need to know before leaving kindergarten because she previously taught first grade. Cathy consistently displays a positive attitude, which rubs off on her students, and each day her classroom is filled with laughter, love, and learning. She is the kindergarten team leader at her campus and is well respected by teachers on her team as well as the campus. She is very organized, leads her team in lesson planning and curriculum, and works hard to support her team in helping all kindergartners mature socially. Congratulations, Ms. Van Horn!



Secondary Teacher of the Year

Barbara Ragan

Piner Middle School

Sherman ISD is proud to announce Barbara Ragan as the Sherman ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year! Barbara Ragan is a Life Skills teacher at Piner Middle School. Her classroom is a nurturing learning environment, and she creates lessons that incorporate interactive learning, group discussions, and one on one skill support. Ms. Ragan has a 100 percent passing rate on the STAAR due to her differentiating lessons to each student's individual needs and holding them to the high standards they need to be successful. Ms. Ragan has a special way to connect with all students on her campus and reaches out to them if she thinks they are having a bad day. For example, she started taking in students that needed additional behavioral support in her classroom and assigned them as aides to provide support for her life skill students. That gesture has now turned into a waiting list of students that want to be student aides in her classroom. She is a wonderful person, always willing to help, and a great model for the Sherman ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year. Congratulations, Ms. Ragan!



Staff Members of the Year

Employee of the Year

Victoria Mathews

Sherman High School

Sherman ISD is proud to announce Victoria Mathews as the Sherman ISD Employee of the Year! Victoria serves as an administrative assistant at Sherman High School. She is an independent worker that gets things done. Although she is the newest attendance clerk on the campus, her job efficiency is readily apparent. Ms. Mathews is organized and extremely competent at her position and willing to take a leadership role within her department whenever asked. Not only does she serve the students of Sherman High School, but she also takes it upon herself to make sure the faculty and staff have what they need to be successful. During the first semester of this school year, Ms. Mathews single-handedly organized the SHS employee Christmas celebration and made it a memorable event. The faculty and staff raved about how great the experience was, and that was all because Ms. Mathews went out of her way to make the event special for them. She goes above and beyond with a smile each day. It is noticed, and it is appreciated. Congratulations, Ms. Mathews!



New Teacher of the Year

Alee McKinney

Fred Douglass ECC

Sherman ISD is proud to announce Alee McKinney as the Sherman ISD New Teacher of the Year! Alee started as a classroom assistant in the autism classroom and PreK classroom at Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center in 2016. She went back to school to become a teacher through Texas Teachers of Tomorrow, and at the beginning of this school year, she became a Head Start Teacher on the campus. She is dedicated to learning the Head Start program and is using her experience as a classroom assistant to be a stand-out teacher to three and four-year-olds in her classroom. She has built relationships with each child and their families, which has led to great collaborations between home and school. Alee's love for learning and children has motivated her to advance her career in education and become a highly effective teacher at Fred Douglass ECC. She provides her students with hands-on activities and real-world experiences and enjoys teaching them each day. Congratulations, Alee McKinney!


Team of the Year

Sherman ISD Food Service Department

Sherman ISD is proud to announce the Sherman ISD Food Service Department as the Sherman ISD Team of the Year! Since our first school closure in March, our Sherman ISD Food Service Department has served more than 190,000 meals to our Sherman ISD students. We proudly celebrate our food service staff for their essential service during this time. For our students to receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack, Monday through Friday, our staff members have worked collectively to make this happen. During this short time, they increased meal production, and after the last week of school, they will continue to provide meals weekly for Sherman ISD families with the Summer Feeding Program. Each member of this team has been committed to feeding Bearcats each day, and they have done a great job. Congratulations to our Food Service Department for their hard work! 

Team OTY


Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

Stephanie Foley

Sherman ISD is proud to announce Stephanie Foley as the Sherman ISD Volunteer of the Year! Whenever she is needed, Stephanie takes copious amounts of time from her day to help with any adventure within Sherman ISD. This past year, she served as president of the Piner PTA and is an active PTA board member at Dillingham Intermediate. She serves on many district committees and can be found supporting all students, including her own, at many district events.

Piner staff say that Mrs. Foley goes out of her way to support our teachers and staff by making them feel appreciated. She organizes other campus volunteer opportunities, provided teachers with different resources, and plans special events to support staff and students. Principal Voss at Dillingham noted that this year, due to Mrs. Foley's involvement, volunteers and partners increased their campus support tremendously. Foley has been in charge of all hospitality events at the Dillingham campus like donuts and muffins with mom and dad all food events for our staff. She has also been a substitute teacher in the district, making her a well-rounded volunteer. She is a servant leader in our community, and we are thankful to have her support! Congratulations, Mrs. Foley!



Staff Members of the Year Receive $500

First Texoma National Bank provided a $500 debit card to each recipient and to the Food Service Department team as part of the Sherman ISD Staff Members of the Year celebrations! 


Employee of the Year, Victoria Mathews, stands with staff members from Texaoma National Bank after receiving her gift bag which contained the $500 gift. 

Teachers of the Year Receive New Cars

As an added bonus, SISD Teachers of the Year receive a free car for one year from Sherman Chevrolet!

New Car

 Elementary Teacher of the Year, Cathy Van Horn, sits in her new Chevy Trailblazer that she will get to enjoy for the next year.

New Car

Secondary Teacher of the Year, Barbara Ragan, was all smiles as she was handed the keys to her new Chevy Trailblazer.

Kimberly Simpson