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New SHS Branding Project Ensures Culture and Tradition will Transition to New Building

Throughout the design process for the new Sherman High School, great care was taken to define, preserve, and communicate the important traditions, values, and experiences that are the Bearcat legacy. 

For six months, the Bearcat Pride Committee worked together to ensure that Sherman High School’s rich culture and legacy not only transition to the new building, but also motivates future generations of students to achieve even greater levels of school spirit and academic excellence. Comprised of more than 50 community members, students, teachers, and alumni, the committee identified three goals as central to their work: Honor the past, celebrate the present, and propel our students into the future with a brand specifically designed for Sherman High School. “Although committee members represented many different perspectives from their years at Sherman High School, they all shared a love for the culture and traditions they experienced,” Sherman ISD Director of Communications Kimberly Simpson explained. 

To manage the project, VLK Architects implemented VLK |PIXEL, a process that consisted of three phases: Planning, Discovery, and Implementation. During the Planning Phase, the goal was to gather research. Committee members researched Sherman High School’s incredible history and developed a timeline of major events. In addition, the committee identified artifacts and experiences that transcended generations and created an inventory of all graphics, logos, symbols, and slogans that have been used throughout the school’s history. Community members, alumni and current students provided additional information about their experiences through an online survey. 

During the Discovery Phase, as committee members reviewed the inventory and survey information, it became clear that a number of logos, symbols, and even multiple variations of the color maroon have been used over the years. The school’s crest could only be traced back to a design from a class ring company and no further information was discovered.  

“Our new crest honors Sherman High School’s inaugural year, recognizes the importance of the arts, and includes our school’s core values as identified by alumni and community members in the online survey,” Simpson said. Crest

The new Sherman High School crest includes eight different images, four of which were carried over from the previous design: 

  • Open book, representing academic excellence; 
  • Winged foot, representing athletic excellence; 
  • Laurel leaves, representing victory; and 
  • Bearcat, representing unifying forces of strength and legacy. 

Four new images were added:

  • Five Stars, representing the school’s core values of tradition, community, pride, excellence, and success; 
  • 1893, representing the year Sherman High School was established;
  • Compass, representing the many different learning opportunities students may pursue; and
  • Mask, representing the arts.

The committee’s work also included identifying color specifications for the true Sherman maroon and other brand standards. That information will now be documented to ensure greater consistency in the images and colors that represent Sherman High School. Colors

“Sherman High School has an incredibly rich story that spans well over 100 years. Watching alumni and current students work together, side-by-side, to focus on their shared passion for Bearcat tradition was very special,” said D’Lee Marshall, VLK Brand Image Leader and Associate. “Each committee member worked tirelessly to ensure that Bearcat tradition and history was respected, preserved, and captured, so that not only can it be carried over, but also celebrated in the new facility.”

For additional insight into the journey of branding Sherman High School, click here to watch the video.




Members of the Bearcat Pride Committee met several times during the course of 6 months to review information and research findings for the new SHS branding project.