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Glenn sets a steady pace at SHS

This week we are recognizing Glenn Atkinson from Sherman High School as our Custodian of the week!  Glenn has been with SISD for over a year. When asked what his goal for the summer was, Glenn stated that it is to get the school ready for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.  To attain this goal, Glenn stated that they are “working on all the floors and trying to get them shiny, clean and ready to go.” On an average day, Glenn works steadily alongside other custodial staff members to clean the high school so that by the time students and teachers return from their summer vacation, the school is ready for classes to start.  Although Glenn and our custodial staff at the high school work tirelessly throughout the week, if they are not on schedule or do not reach their goals they come in and work on the weekend. This type of dedication and hard work put in by Glenn and the rest of our custodial staff during the summer is typically unnoticed. One thing that Glenn would like people to know about his job as a custodian is “the job is repetitive, it is the same thing almost every day.  We come in and clean up behind the kids after they go home.” Without Glenn and the rest of our custodial staff, our schools would not be in the appropriate condition for our teachers and students. Help us show how much we appreciate Glenn and the hard work that he does behind the scenes during the summer by liking and sharing this post! #BearcatBehindTheScenes #Spotless #BearcatsClean

 Glenn Atkinson

 Glenn Atkinson at Sherman High School