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Sharon shares about the Dillingham Custodial Team

As our custodial staff continues to work hard behind the scenes this summer, we would like to honor Sharon Moorer from Dillingham Intermediate School as our Custodian of the Week! Sharon will be entering her sixth year with SISD this December. Today, Sharon stated that her goal is to “finish the project that we started because we have the fire department coming here Wednesday so we have to make sure that everything we are doing on E hall and F hall are finished.” To accomplish this goal, Sharon stated that they have to use teamwork and believes in everybody pitching in and doing their part. When asked what an average day looks like for Sharon she simply put that it consists of them “running for the kids, they are always calling for something that is needed whether it is in the bathroom, we have a flood, or someone got sick.” In recognizing Sharon and the hard work she does behind the scenes, one thing that she would like people to know about her job that they would not normally know is that “it takes everybody to do it, it can’t just be one person because there is so much stuff going on throughout the day that you have to accomplish to stay on top and make sure that everything is done for the kids.” The work that is being done by Sharon and the rest of the custodial staff is important to ensure that Dillingham Intermediate is ready for students and teachers in the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. Help us show our appreciation for Sharon and all the work she does for us during the summer by liking and sharing this post! #BearcatBehindTheScenes #Spotless #BearcatsClean

Sharon Moorer

Sharon Moorer works to prepare Dillingham for students