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Keenon works to keep SHS clean.

To honor our custodial staff, our Custodian of the Week is Keenon Briscoe from Sherman High School!  Keenon has been working with SISD for the past two years. When asked what his goal is for each day, Keenon stated that it is “to maintain the school and keep it nice and clean.”  To accomplish Keenon’s goal of keeping the high school clean he told us that he has to work fast but also make sure that he does his job perfectly. For Keenon, a typical day cleaning at the high school is cleaning up candy wrappers around the school to ensure that the campus is maintained.  One thing that Keenon said he would want people to know about his job that they would not typically know is that “it is a lot of hard work cleaning walls and scraping gum.” We greatly appreciate all the hard work that Keenon and the rest of our custodial staff do behind the scenes to get our schools ready for the upcoming school year.  Help us show our gratitude for Keenon and the rest of our hard-working custodial staff by liking and sharing this post! #BearcatBehindTheScenes #Spotless #BearcatsClean

Keenon Briscoe

Keenon Briscoe cleaning the SHS gym