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May 3 is GenTX College Decision Day and Texas Career Signing Day at Sherman High School

Friday, May 3 is a big day across Texas and the nation in the college admissions process. It’s the day by which seniors nationwide must inform colleges of their plans to enroll and, across the country and in Sherman, TX, seniors will be participating in Decision Day and Texas Career Signing Day festivities to announce and celebrate their post-secondary education plans.

Sherman High School, Generation TX and Grayson College will unite to host the district’s first College Decision and Texas Career Signing Day. The event will acknowledge seniors who have made their post-secondary plans and commitment to higher education, the armed forces, the workforce industry and students choosing to enter career pathways leading to in-demand careers in targeted occupations directly from high school.

The Sherman High School GenTX Decision and texas Career Signing Day celebration will be held during all lunches in the commons area of the SHS cafeteria. This event is not open to the public. Supporters can follow and celebrate the event on the Sherman ISD and Sherman High School Facebook pages.


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Kimberly Simpson