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Piner Middle School Spelling Bee Champ Advances to Grayson County Competition

Shomoy Kamal is the 2019 Piner Middle School Spelling Bee champion.

“It feels great to win, and I put a lot of work into preparing for the spelling bee,” he said before being greeted by his parents with congratulatory hugs.

After 32 rounds of competition, a tie-breaker, and correctly spelling “Tagine,” Shomoy won his third consecutive spelling bee in Sherman ISD.

shomoy Shomoy is currently the Grayson County reigning champion and will advance to the county competition once again to defend his title in February. Shomoy’s father, Syed Kamal said it is because of his son’s hard work that he has continuously won the competitions.

“I am very proud of him because he worked very hard and learning words is not always fun,” he said. “For the last two years he was the Dillingham and Grayson County champion, and this is something that he wants.”

Shomoy’s mother, Farhana Karim shared the same sentiments and admitted that she gets jitters when her son competes.

“I am more nervous than he is when he is competing,” she expressed, laughing.

Shomoy’s preparation for a spelling bee contest consists of him reviewing words and weekly quizzes from his father. He plans to continue his preparation routine with the hopes of advancing to the regional and national level spelling bee later this year.

“Winning this spelling bee is one part of my goal of winning the regional spelling bee,” he said. “I started preparing last year after the national spelling bee, and I just seem to be good at it somehow.”

The Grayson County Spelling Bee will take place on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, at 1:00 pm at the Grayson College South Campus in Van Alstyne.

Congratulations to the Piner Middle School Spelling Bee top three finishers:

Spelling Bee
From left to right:

2nd Place
Victoria Amtholz-7th Grader

1st Place
Shomoy Kamal-7th Grader

3rd Place
Leif Inocian 7th Grader & Aubrey Wright 7th Grader

Kimberly Simpson