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SHS Qualifies Two Artworks For State VASE

VASE MedalistsSherman High School student artists displayed their strong presentation skills and creative drive at the Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) in February.

Before they attend VASE, students create and submit a maximum of two art pieces and write about their creative process. At the judging, students interview with a VASE juror. 

“During judge interviews, students have to say what inspired them and what elements and principles they included,” said Sherry Young, fine arts department chair. “It builds speaking and presentation skills, and students grow more comfortable speaking about their work.”

Student artists also have to defend their artistic choices to judges and critique their own works. It can be the first time for some students to properly reflect on and present their work, which are crucial skills in becoming a professional artist.

All six of Young’s students and their artworks medaled in regional judging, and five had perfect scores. Two students from teacher Gwen Hope-Battley’s class also took home three regional medals between them.

Rosanna Kim, a sophomore AP Art student in Young’s class, saw her two art pieces move on to the state VASE, which will be held in San Marcos April 26 and 27. She will be eligible for a Gold Seal Medal, the highest honor that exemplifies concept, technique, craftsmanship and creativity.

The full results are:

  • Rosanna Kim, 10th grade - Two State Qualifying Artworks
  • Kaiden Mullinix, 12th grade - Regional Medal Artwork
  • Camille Melo, 12th grade - Regional Medal Artwork
  • Rachel Hammett, 12th grade - Regional Medal Artwork
  • Meyah Jackson, 12th grade - Regional Medal Artwork
  • Yuselmy Jimenez, 11th grade - Regional Medal Artwork
  • Srijan Shrestha, 9th grade - Two Regional Medal Artworks
  • Ingrid Mendoza Martinez, 10th grade - Regional Medal Artwork

VASE recognizes exemplary student achievement in the visual arts by providing high art students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve. Tens of thousands of entries are entered every year from all across Texas.