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Masons of the Month

mason siblings The Jackson 5, Mary-Kate and Ashley, and Venus and Serena Williams, are all notable siblings. You can now add the Sherman ISD Mason Trio to the list. The siblings, Loyal, Love, and Cyn'Cere, each have megawatt smiles that could light up the entire town and are adjusting well to their new school district. In just a short amount of time, their hard work and positive attitudes have earned each of them student of the month honors at Fairview Elementary.

"I started crying tears of joy when I found out because I was so surprised! The whole family was in tears," their mother T'chaniqua Mason expressed. "We're just so proud and happy to see them doing so well at Fairview."

Ironically, none of the siblings' teachers discussed their student of the month selections ahead of time, so everyone at Fairview was quite surprised when all three siblings were selected as September student of the month honorees for each of their grade levels.

Loyal, the youngest of the trio, is described as a model student. In class, he's always engaged and can answer all questions because he consistently remains on task. Loyal is a group leader, making sure his table mates understand their work and stay on task.  

"He is the kindest, most gentle spirit, but is strong in character and integrity," said his second-grade teacher Cassi Samples. "Loyal is constantly being an example for everyone, and makes sure all students feel included and special."

Fourth-grade teacher Shirley Musani shared Samples' sentiments about the oldest sibling, Cyn'Cere. "He came into Fairview with a great attitude and personality.  Cyn'Cere is outgoing, friendly, and comes to school ready to work by participating in class."

Love is described by her third-grade teacher, Brandy Wade, as a dedicated, self-disciplined student.

"She always gives her best and pushes to learn new things. She is kind and caring to everyone she is around. Our class is better because Love is a part of it."

Being their first year at Fairview, their mother was surprised to find out the news about all three of her children being recognized academically.

"As their parents, we work tirelessly to make sure they have everything they need to be successful. This recognition is a great reminder that what we've done resonates with our children."

The parents of the trio contemplated whether they'd send their children back to the classroom this year. Together, the Mason family settled on a final decision.

"They're active and aren't really into electronics and they love being around people. We let them decide if they wanted to go back to school with the health measures in place, and they wanted to return. As their parents, we have a different attitude when it comes to school. It shows in their wonderful bond and work ethic. They want to see each other succeed."

The Masons might be new to the Bearcat family, but their impact is already being felt at Fairview.

"We're truly beyond blessed to have the Masons here. They stand out and go above and beyond at all times," said Samples.

Congratulations to the Mason family, and welcome to Sherman!

Jasmine Baker