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Sherman ISD Wheels in New Food Truck

A new food truck has rolled into Sherman equipped to serve students, staff, and the community.

Sherman ISD has unveiled its new food truck called the Bearcat Grill on Wheels. It's run by the Sherman ISD Food Service Department and started serving food this summer.

The new food truck will be utilized for community service activities, outside catering events, lunches for secondary schools, and the district's summer feeding program.

"We're excited about our new innovative way to serve food to our students and community," said SISD Food Service Director Mandy Stephens expressed.

A school bus converted into a functioning mobile kitchen is the best way to describe the Bearcat Grill on Wheels. The inside contains an industrial grill, a full-size oven, Kitchen refrigerator and freezer, a cold salad bar area, a serving window, inside seating for 12 people, and more appliances. The outside of the truck is adorned with designs of food on each side, with accents of the classic Sherman maroon color and the district's Billy Bob Bearcat logo.

"It's an eye-catching food truck that will help us to be creative with how we offer nutritious meals to our students and provide food service for special events," Stephens said.

SISD Food Service plans to park the food truck outside of the district's secondary campuses on certain days so students can partake in lunch beyond the cafeteria. During school lunch hours, the food truck will serve fresh and delicious food to ensure that students are eating healthy while enjoying a food truck experience.

"We're always developing new ways to promote healthy eating. This food truck will help us accomplish that goal. Our menu will vary each week and will consist of many food items that are popular with our students," Stephens explained. "Our catering menu will be placed on our website for our community and will also have a variety of food options."Food Truck

The Bearcat Grill on Wheels Food Truck is currently operating Monday through Thursday during the district's summer feeding program serving grab and go meals. Food truck locations and operating times will be posted on the SISD Food Service website at the start of school. For catering requests, you may contact the SISD Food Service Department at 903-891-6400.


Kimberly Simpson