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Student Art Show Recognizes Talent Around District

A line of canvas paintings stands inside a SHS art classroom.

Paintings created by Neblett Elementary students line the cabinets of a SHS art classroom. Photo by SISD Communications, Todd Kleiboer


Up-and-coming Bearcat artists showcased their artwork to the community on April 14 at the District Art Show, held in the halls and courtyard of Sherman High School.

Students from every campus were featured, and advanced SHS art students judged works and gave out unique awards to select artists.

The following is an incomplete list of all the winners. More will be added as they come in.

Crutchfield Elementary - Teacher Amber Parenteau

Erick Rubio (5th) - Most Original Solution in an Artwork

Madelynn Rivers (5th) - Best Use of Unity in an Artwork

Chris Lopez (5th) - Best Abstract Artwork Award

Brisa Paulin (5th) - Awesome Artist Award

Brooklyn Shaffer (3rd) - Best Artwork That Shows Depth

Cristina Tobar (5th) - Excellent Use of Texture


Fairview Elementary - Teacher Vivienne Pitts

Reagan Kelly (1st) - Awesome Artist

Dylan Fuqua (3rd) - Awesome Artist

Amya Johnson (3rd) - Best in Nature Award

Layla Oetting (3rd) - Best Artwork That Uses The Materials Expressively

Cooper Gentzel (5th) - Most Expressive Artist

Cassidy Frimann (4th) - Most Expressive Brushwork in Painting


Neblett Elementary - Teacher Kate Hearn

Si Tin (5th) - Best Contemporary Artist

Mark Dowd (4th) - Unique Style Award


Washington Elementary - Teacher Carol Kistner

Nicole Hernandez (K) - Amazing Likeness Award

Londyn Hughes (K) - Unique Style Award

Ezequeil Torres (K) - Best Imaginative Combination of Subject Matter

Nathan Jimenez (4th) - Outstanding Composition Award

Dylan Hernandez (4th) - Awesome Artist Award

Gustavo Paulin (5th) - Brilliant Idea Award

Valentina Torres (5th) - Best Artwork That Celebrates Something

Jacqueline Contreras (5th) - Best Artwork That Helps Us to Experience a Feeling

Marlin Orellana (5th) - Awesome Artist Award


Piner Middle School - Teachers Stephenie Anderson and Katelyn Fowler

Cheyenne Bitsuie - Best Sculpture

Olivia Clements - Best Contrast in Artwork

Selene Villalobos - Best Use of a Focal Point

Sandy Reza Salinas - Best Use of Contrast

Ashton Gladstone - Best Portrait Work

Trevon Lummas - Good Use of Shading Award

Abrie Truitt - Awesome Artist Award

Jayden Carr - Awsome Artist Award


Sherman Middle School - Teachers Anna Jensen and Kim Aviles

Victor Dominguez - Awesome Artist Award

Rosanna Kim - Most Trendy Art

Hayden Sopko - Awesome Artist Award

Daniella Rodriquez - Awesome Artist Award

Cassie Beauchamp - Awesome Artist Award


JDC Post Adjudication - Teacher Ryan Reily

Dylan B. - Best Use of Lines


Sherman High School - Teachers Jessica Meek and Sherry Young

Kirsten Gentry - Best Use of Balance

Tatum George - Awesome Artist Award

Sandra Bowman - Most Interesting Texture in an Artwork

Yu Xuan Ye - Best Artwork That Shows Movement

Jackie Ervies - Best Artwork That Tells a Story

Alexandra Hernandez - Most Innovative Artist

Gabriella Taylor - Best Creative Composition

 Camran Hunter - Best Design of Non-Objective Artwork