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SMS Bearcat Shows Off Lexicon at County Spelling Bee

By Todd Kleiboer

Communications Specialist

The Grayson County Spelling Bee Tuesday afternoon proved to be a bit of a “marathon” for Sherman Middle School student Rosanna Kim, but with her sharp “lexicon”, she made her way with “pristine” spelling to be an alternate for the televised Dallas Regional Spelling Bee.

By the way, the words above in quotes were three of the fifteen words she was given in the 13 regular rounds and two spell-off rounds.

Kim, an eighth grader, had never competed at the county-level bee, and she made a strong showing at a bee to name a winner among the county’s best middle and elementary school spellers.

“I was very nervous,” Kim said. “I’m really glad for this experience, and it’s given me a level of insight I didn’t have before.”

SMS eighth grader Rosanna Kim was named the alternate for the Dallas Regional Spelling Bee.

Eighth grader Rosanna Kim gives a thumbs-up after placing as an alternate. Photo by Todd Kleiboer, SISD Communications

After ten rounds, Kim was in the top three, and she made it through two more rounds before stopping short at “repercussion.” With another going out the same round as she, they had to spell off to be named the alternate for the regional bee.

Her first word in the spell-off was “moorage,” a rare word meaning the act of mooring, or anchoring, alongside a shore, and while Kim didn’t spell it correctly, the other speller also tripped up. However, her next word, “phonics,” proved to be a breeze and secured her spot as an alternate.

While Kim did miss out on going to Dallas, she wasn’t at all disappointed.

“Honestly, I’m pretty glad I stopped before the bees are televised,” Kim said with a laugh. “I’m not a person to do all the fancy shows and stuff.”

Rosanna Kim waits on the word.

Rosanna Kim waits on the word. Photo by Todd Kleiboer, SISD Communications