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Wakefield Fourth Graders Take Trip Down to Austin


In viewing gallery

It was the “best field trip” ever for Wakefield Elementary fourth graders, who traveled to Austin to tour the Texas State Capitol and Bullock Texas State History Museum last week.

“For fourth grade, this is a field trip that opens their eyes to things they wouldn’t necessarily experience,” said Beverly Warren, Wakefield fourth grade lead teacher.

At the Capitol, students toured the floors of the Texas House and Texas Senate, and they sat in the viewing gallery where the public can watch legislative proceedings. The tour, led by teachers, also took students past the Texas Supreme Court courtroom and well-known paintings.

“They were truly learning about what our Capitol looks like, that it’s not necessarily the White House,” Warren said. “Their first-hand knowledge of that increased.”

The Bullock Texas State History Museum allowed students to dive deeper into Texas history with interactive exhibits and impressive statues. According to Warren, the museum was like none of the other students had experienced.

At Capitol

“The museum had several things students could manipulate,” Warren said. “The museum had many things students didn’t realize they could put their hands on and experience.”

Warren said she plans to take next year’s fourth grade class to Austin too, as the activity enriches the education students receive and presents chances to address questions with more concrete examples.

“Just the experience itself was something the students had never had before,” Warren said. “I haven’t had a single kid who said they didn’t enjoy it.”