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Wakefield Elementary Principal Receives Living Legend Award

Wakefield Elementary School Principal Eartha Linson received the "Living Legend" award from Grayson College student group Black Print. Annually the student group hosts the Black History Month program which honors individuals with the living legend honor based on their work and passion for improving our community. This year's program theme was "Leaving Our Mark on the World: The Next Generation," and that certainly aligns with the work Mrs. Linson does on her campus. Each day she is dedicated to guiding students to succeed while inspiring a strong passion for learning. She believes in nurturing student development by bridging the community, home, and school for our students and their families.

Mrs. Linson attended Grayson College and earned her associate degree in computer science and secondary education. She graduated with honors from Austin College with a degree in English and a Masters Degree in Art Education.

She is a great principal, and this honor is well deserved. Congratulations, Mrs. Linson! #BearcatProud #BlackHistoryMonth




Kimberly Simpson