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Sherman ISD Recruits New Principals for A Day

It’s a cool November morning at Neblett Elementary. Students have arrived and the school day has started. Principal Kelli Abohosh prepares to do the morning announcements and standing right beside her is her Principal for a Day, Mr. David Smith.David Smith as Principal

Smith, who serves as Market Manager for Alpha Media, is one of 12 community partners, leaders and business owners, participating in the Sherman ISD Principal for a Day Partners in Education program. The annual event is designed to increase awareness and understanding among individuals in the private sector of the strengths and challenges of schools in Sherman ISD. The day also provides participants with a glimpse of what it takes to be a campus principal.

“I’m excited about seeing everything firsthand,” Smith says, as he reviews his daily schedule and embraces his new role as principal.

Smith will spend his morning visiting classrooms, reading to students, and visiting with the campus nurse to learn more about campus needs. He believes his participation in the program is beneficial because it provides an opportunity for local businesses to stay connected to Sherman ISD. David Smith w Kids

“I think it’s important that executives and business people stay in touch with educators in our local school system,” Smith explained. “I had no idea of the range of services and support this campus provides to the kids. They are very fortunate to have such dedicated professionals working here.”

The Principal for a Day program encourages participants to be hands on throughout the day, while connecting with students and teachers. Vice President of First Texoma National Bank, Leigh Ann Sims, was excited to connect with students as Principal for a Day at Dillingham Intermediate. Sims led the US and Texas pledges, organized lunch for a field trip and utilized her background in music to teach scales during a 5th grade choir class.

“I loved it,” she expressed, as she walked out of the music room. “The fact that all of the choir kids were involved and excited to be there makes you love it.” Sims teaching music

Sims admits that with her background in mathematics and music, she was excited to participate in this event because of her love for education.

“My first love is schools, our kids, and teaching,” she said. “This is the future of our city and it’s so good to be involved and learn about what 5th and 6th graders are doing every day.”

The program also helps to form ongoing partnerships between individuals/businesses and Sherman ISD. Ms. Kelly Haley, Finance and Operations Manager from Texas Instruments, noted several opportunities for businesses and organizations to collaborate with the campus during her day, serving as principal of Sherman High School.

“I’ve been exposed to so many different things and the use of technology in the classrooms has been amazing to see,” Haley said. “The amount of exposure to technology that I’ve seen today really gets the students excited and makes it so important for the community to partner and show students that there is opportunity with technology. We can bring them to TI and show them that there is opportunity in Sherman to grow and learn.”

Wakefield Elementary Principal Eartha Linson welcomed Grace United Methodist Church Pastor Frank Drenner to her campus for the day. Linson says she uses the day to connect with community members that want to be involved with the schools.

“I value this program because it is a great opportunity to have community members see all the great work that teachers do on a daily basis. They can participate with students and learn about their academic needs,” she said. “Pastor Frank walked in to the classroom and mingled with the students like a professional. His interaction with our students is greatly appreciated.”

To learn more about how your company or organization can participate in the Principal for a Day program, contact Partners in Education Coordinator Julie Mitchell at

Kelly Haley assisting A/V production students during their class.


Frank Drenner

Pastor Frank Drenner makes phone calls with Mrs. Linson at Wakefield Elementary

Kimberly Simpson