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Two SISD Officers Sworn In at January Board Meeting

Chief Heath Wester swears in new officers.

SISD Police Chief Heath Wester (left) swears in officers William Helpenstell (middle) and Stephanie Aragon during the January board meeting. Photos by Ahmad Alzubi, SISD Communications


Chief Heath Wester of the Sherman ISD Police Department swore in two new officers at the Monday night board meeting, marking the start of their service to the district.

William Helpenstell is based at Sherman Middle School. Officer Helpenstell has 25 years of law enforcement experience with 18 years as a supervisor for TABC. Officer Helpenstell carries a Master Peace Officer License.

His strong points are supervising and commanding strenuous assignments and teams amidst great challenges and interactions with combatants in undercover operations. He's also completed FEMA command classes, which could be very beneficial in a large-scale emergency event. His strong suits in terms of knowledge and experience are tobacco and alcohol violations, and he’s highly adept at managing a team in confrontational environments.

Officer Helpenstell shows a willing attitude to assisting school administrators, interacting with all staff and being a role model for youth. He has a great team approach with an exceptional work ethic and integrity. There’s no doubt that he will excel as a supportive, kind-hearted and highly experienced officer on Sherman ISD’s team of law enforcement professionals. 

Stephanie Aragon is based at Sherman High School. Officer Aragon has two years of experience in law enforcement. She came to the district from the Fannin County Sheriff's Office as a field deputy and holds a Basic Peace Officer License.

In the short time she's been in this profession, she’s completed a number of extra TCOLE trainings, some of which involve school-based law enforcement training. She has an upbeat personality, and she’s eager to learn.

Officer Aragon is bilingual and exceptionally skilled at communicating with youth. She will compliment Chief Wester well at Sherman High School, rounding out a diverse team of officers and security professionals that love working with our high school students, staff and parents.

"We are very excited to have Officers Helpenstell and Aragon as our first two officers," Wester said. "They both bring different skill sets to the ISD that will go along with our beliefs and goals. Both officers have jumped right in getting to know the staff and students in their schools. It's about building relationships and they have been doing that since day one. They will both be great role models and leaders in our system, and I'm excited to see what they do in our schools."

Officer Stephanie Aragon has her badge pinned by her brother.

Officer Stephanie Aragon has her badge pinned by her brother.

Officer William Helpenstell has his badge pinned by his wife.

Officer William Helpenstell has his badge pinned by his wife.