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Sherman ISD Board of Trustees Calls For May 2023 Bond Election

Sherman ISD voters will consider authorizing $540 million in bonds to prepare for growth, address aging facilities, and provide safe and secure schools. All of the proposed projects would be paid for with no increase to the tax rate, which is at its lowest point in 15 years. 

The Sherman ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously Jan. 23 to put two propositions before voters–one for new schools, renovations, and safety, security, and technology upgrades, and the other for a new stadium at Sherman High School. 

A group of parents, staff, students, and community members recommended the projects to the Board after evaluating district finances, enrollment growth, and the immediate and long-term needs of the school district. Among the facts the committee considered:

  • The population of the City of Sherman may double over the next 7-10 years.

  • Enrollment in Sherman ISD schools is predicted to reach 9,000 students in five years and 10,000 students in ten years.

  • Sherman ISD is set to surpass its elementary building capacity in three years, its high school building capacity in seven years, and its middle school building capacity in 11 years.

“We’re seeing the signs of the growth all over Sherman, from the expansion of U.S. 75 to new home construction and high-tech industry developments,” said Board President Brad Morgan. “The members of the Long-Range Planning Committee worked diligently to understand the impacts of the economic development boom we’re experiencing and put together a thoughtful plan that prioritizes the needs of all SISD students.”

The district’s growing tax base–the result of manufacturing and industry growth and new development–would allow SISD to fund all of the projects with no tax rate increase. Texas Instruments and GlobiTech alone are expected to more than double the district’s tax base. 

“The high-tech growth in our community is a game changer for the portion of our tax rate that pays off school bonds,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tyson Bennett. “The increased revenue from manufacturing and industry growth is what would enable Sherman ISD to build $540 million in capital projects without impacting the tax rate.”

The bond election will be held May 6, 2023. Early voting will begin April 24 and conclude May 2. Voters will have the opportunity to vote for two propositions:

  • Proposition A would authorize the sale of approximately $493.2 million in bonds for school buildings. This would include:

    • Districtwide safety, security, and technology upgrades
    • Two new elementary schools in growing areas of the district

    • New school buildings to replace Crutchfield and Fairview elementary schools, built in 1953 and 1951 respectively 

    • New Early Childhood Center at current site of Wakefield Elementary, built in 1956

    • Additions to Sherman High School to increase capacity by 525 students to 3,200 students total

    • Renovation and conversion of Dillingham Elementary into a middle school

    • Renovations to Piner Middle School and Jefferson Learning Center, built in 1953 and 1931 respectively

  • Proposition B would authorize the sale of approximately $46.8 million in bonds for a new stadium at Sherman High School.

    • Completion of a new multipurpose stadium at Sherman High School utilizing the existing athletic field and infrastructure 

    • The stadium would accommodate up to 8,000 spectators and provide adequate seating, restrooms, parking, and locker rooms.

    • The stadium would also improve safety and security, reduce the need for travel to home games, and provide ADA accessibility up to current code specifications.

    • The historic Bearcat Stadium would continue to be used for middle school and youth sports as the district expands to three middle schools.

The last Sherman ISD bond program was approved by voters in 2017. It funded the new Sherman High School, which opened in 2021, among other projects.

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