Business & Finance Department

  • Welcome to the Sherman Independent School District Finance Office

    The Sherman Independent School District's Business Office is responsible for financial accounting for all school district funds, maintenance of federal programs and grants, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and the investment of all district funds. The Business Office is also responsible for the acquisition of Goods and Services, Construction, and Professional Services for the District's schools and departments consistent with state and federal law, school board policies, and sound business practices.

    As part of our efforts, we are committed to providing our community with transparent financial information in a format that is both easily accessible and understandable. This website provides essential financial information regarding Sherman ISD's revenues, expenditures, tax rates, cost drivers and comparative data to ensure the public has the information it needs to make informed decisions about the financial stability of the District.

    Tyson Bennett: Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Operations
    903-891-6415 Ext. 2013
    903-891-6418 Fax

    Katie Baker: Finance Office Secretary
    903-891-6415 Ext. 2012 Office
    903-891-6418 Fax

    Karen DeWitt: Accounting Specialist
    903-891-6415 Ext. 2010 Office
    903-891-6418 Fax

    Judy Hightower: Payroll Clerk
    903-891-6415 Ext. 2017 Office
    903-891-6418 Fax

    Dayna Johnson: Payroll Clerk 
    903-891-6415 Ext. 2018 Office
    903-891-6418 Fax

    Mandi Lewis: Director of Finance
    903-891-6415 Ext. 2016 Office
    903-891-6418 Fax

    Carol McDaniel: Accounting Specialist
    903-891-6415 Ext. 2015 Office
    903-891-6418 Fax

    Cheryl Stoy: Accounts Payable  
    903-891-6415 Ext. 2014
    903-891-6418 Fax

    Marvin Taylor: Purchasing Agent/Warehouse Supervisor
    903-891-6415 Ext. 2094 Office
    903-891-6418 Fax

    Public Information Request: Contact Kimberly Simpson
    903-891-6400 x 2057