Health Services

  • Each Sherman ISD campus has a school nurse who serves an important role in your child’s educational experience. The nurse provides health screenings as well as management of your child’s health needs while they are at school.

    If at any time during the school year your child is diagnosed with a new health condition, please let your school nurse know. If your child needs medication while at school, please complete and turn in the Request for Medication Administration in school form. Also, if your child is on medication at home only, please let your school nurse know so that she is aware of your child’s health status. It is also very important to notify the school if there is an address or phone number change so that you can be promptly contacted if your child needs you.

    We look forward to serving you and your student(s) during the school year. Please feel free to contact your school nurse with any questions or concerns. If you would like any additional information regarding health issues, please contact your school nurse.

    Campus Nurse Contact Information





    Crutchfield Elementary

    Monique West

    (903) 891-6568

    Dillingham Elementary

    Jeannie Lavender

    (903) 891-6513

    Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center

    Kristi Peters

    (903) 891-6550

    Fairview Elementary

    Tari Centeno

    (903) 891-6583

    Neblett Elementary

    Brittany Clement

    (903) 891-6673

    Sory Elementary

    Kristen Bollier

    (903) 891-6653

    Wakefield Elementary

    Jackie Hampton

    (903) 891-6608

    Washington Elementary

    Lauren Liles

    (903) 891-6703

    Perrin Early Childhood Center

    Marilyn Stanley

    (903) 891-6623

    Piner Middle School

    Gail Petty

    (903) 891-6480

    Sherman Middle School

    Laura Goldsmith

    (903) 891-8940

    Sherman High School

    Rita Berkley

    (903) 891-6443

    Jefferson Learning Center

    Crystal Brown

    (903) 891-6610

    Children with COVID-19 should not attend school in person during their most infectious period: for at least five days after symptoms begin and until they have been without a fever for at least 24-hours without taking fever-reducing medication and all other symptoms are improving. Children who test positive for COVID-19 but are not experiencing any symptoms should not attend school for five days from the date of the positive test.