• Students:

    As we begin our 2nd semester in Technology Applications 1, I am super excited to be back and want to welcome each one of you back to my classroom. I am positive that we are going to have a wonderful and prosperous 2nd semester. With that being said, I would like to take a minute and refresh your memories on some classroom expectations that must be followed by you on a daily basis.


    ALL cellphone/devices that are brought to my classroom MUST be put away in the cellphone/device holder that is located at the front of the classroom. Each pocket has a number on it that corresponds with your computer station number. Again, you will be required to place your device in the holder. If you do not follow this rule, the device will be confiscated and adhere to the cellphone policy.

    1st Offense: Confiscated  by teacher till the end of the class period.

    2nd Offense: Confiscated by teacher and may be picked up at the end of the day in the front office.

    3rd & Subsequent Offenses: Confiscated by teacher and  taken to the front office where the device MUST be picked up by a parent/guardian. There will be a $15 charge to have the phone picked up each time. NOTE: If student continues to have their phone confiscated for not complying with cellphone policy, then cellphone may be confiscated by administration till the end of the year.


    ALL students are required to bring headphones/earbuds to class each day. Please keep in mind that our computers are not capable of any wireless headphones are the like. The headphones must have a wire that can be connected to a computer. The new lightning chargers for Apple devices are NOT compatible as well.


    ALL students are required to be on time and in class all day and every day. Each student has 4 minutes to get to their next class so there is plenty of time to get to class. You simply cannot learn and be successful if you are not in class. The following is the Tardy policy for my classroom;

    1st Offense - Warning

    2nd Offense - 30 minute detention (Parent/guardian contact)

    3rd offense - 1 hr detention (after school) (Parent/guardian contact)

    4th Offense - Office Referral (Parent/guardian contact)


    Lastly, we are still very much in the cold/flu season and Technology Applications 1 is in need of some tissue boxes. If you could have your student supply us with one box, then we should be set for the remainder of the school year.