Welcome to Jefferson Learning Center

  • Jefferson Learning Center is a non-disciplinary school of choice. We are a self-paced, accelerated program seeking to address unique needs in an alternative setting. In order to help students be more successful, they should have a good foundation of high school courses under traditional instruction. This allows time for emotional maturity and will help students be more successful at JLC.

    Applicants to Jefferson Learning Center must meet the following admission standards:

    1. Sherman High School student for a minimum of six weeks

    2. A third year, or later, student in high school and at least two credits behind or a pregnant or teen mother     

    3. A record indicating no discipline referrals for a period of at least six weeks 

    4. A record indicating strong attendance and no unexcused absences for a period of at least six weeks

    5. A record indicating academic capability by being on pace to successfully complete state and federal testing (TAKS/STAAR) 

    SHS principals may request an exception to the above standards. Exceptions are subject to review by JLC administration and counseling staff. Decisions are determined by the administration in the best educational interest of the student and must maintain a level of consistency.

    The mission of the Jefferson Learning Center is to insure that each learner's individual needs are met to enrich their academic, emotional and social well-being through a school which offers an enriched curriculum through nontraditional methods.