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     I believe strongly in the quote by Joseph Addison that states

    "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body".

     Therefore, in order to keep our minds sharp and working properly throughout our lifetime, we must all devote time each day to read. There is never a time in which we do not take part in some type of reading. If we want to put together or operate a complicated device, we must first read the directions. We also find ourselves reading to gain the necessary knowledge needed to make our lives a little better. Now, I understand there are students that do not like to read. They think it is either too difficult or just plain boring. I also know that there are students that love to read and they read every day. My goal is to provide each one of my students with the necessary reading skills that will allow them to develop into a more active reader. I promise to strive to make reading come alive for ALL my students. I believe ALL students can enrich their reading experiences.


    Update Aug. 14, 2018