Basic Information

  • Mrs. Taylor’s 6th Grade Social Studies


    #2 Pencils 


    Blue or Black ink

    colored Pencils

    2 glue sticks


    Folder w/pockets and brads

    Notebook paper

    Composition Book





    1. Beginning Class: A bell work assignment will be posted on the front board or projector every day. When the tardy bell rings, all students should be sitting in their own seats and working on the assignment quietly.
    2. Makeup Work must be obtained before or after school and students will be given one day for each day absent to be turned in without penalty.
    3. Ending Class: When the bell rings, please stay seated until I dismiss you.
    4. Homework turned in late will be with a penalty of 10 points per day (for up to three days only).
    5. Tutoring will be in the afternoon until 4:00 and any morning from 7:30am until 8:00am.  Please make prior arrangements to attend if needed unless tutoring has been assigned by me.
    6. When in doubt about a procedure, always think about what the most respectful course of action would be before acting.
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