Terrific Tiger Firsties

  • Welcome to 1st Grade 

    at Washington Elementary 

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    W.E. believe in the potential of every student!

    We strive to encourage each child's wonder and curiosity for learning, we use learning goals to build on the foundations of learning in all academic areas, we seek to create interactive opportunities for students to demonstrate learning and leadership, and we work together to foster a positive environment for social and academic growth. 


    Our Team of Teachers

    Carmen Davis  *Lead


    Frances Baird


    Michele Powell 


    Daisy Martinez  *Bilingual


    Kristina Puentes  *Bilingual


    Please join, meet, call, write, or volunteer 
    for opportunities to seek out and practice different ways to help your child become independent with a love of learning and academic success.

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    our school:
    Washington Elementary School

    our district:
    Sherman Independent School District

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