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    Art Room!

    My name is Mrs. Keefer-McGee (K-M) and I am thrilled to be teaching Art for my second year  at Wakefield!

    In the Art Room we experiment with the elements and principles of design in paint, oil pastel, markers, printmaking, 3-D media, and more.

    As Artists we look for inspiration everywhere.  We read picture books and myths, explore Science through insects, fossils, and astronomy, learn about history through cultural traditions and folk art, and learn to love math through counting and concepts such as symmetry and fractions. I am looking forward to a fun, exciting year in Art!

    My Experience
    I am passionate about helping children learn to use creativity and develop critical thinking.In my 10 years as an educator, I have been both a school Art Teacher and a Museum Educator, in Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Boston. 

    I believe that there is no more important work than teaching and no higher privilege than guiding children to grow as artists and as people.  

    A Little About Me
    I am originally from Illinois, but moved to Denison, TX as a teenager. I have my Bachelors of Fine Arts and Masters of Art Education from the University of North Texas in Denton, where I lived for 10 years.

    About 6 years ago I moved with my husband, three sons, two dogs, two kittens, a cockatiel, and a frog to Massachusetts. It was hard to find a place there that would allow all of us, but, with a little luck, we did and it was a great adventure.

    Last year we moved back to Denison to our family farm and that has been another, ongoing adventure. We now have three dogs, three cats, a flock of 4 guineas, and 5 horses and a Mule. Obviously, I love animals. I also love hiking, reading, sewing, gardening, and making my own art.