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  • Mrs. Bond's Class Schedule
    8:00-9:00- Language Arts
    9:00-10:15- Math with Mr. Lowing
    10:15-11:15- Reading with Mrs. Bond
    11:15-11:30- Recess
    11:30-12:15- Specials
                          Monday-Wednesday: PE
               Thursday: Music
         Friday: Art
    12:15-12:30- Restroom and class read aloud
    12:30-1:00- Lunch
    1:00-1:15- Reading with Mrs. Bond
    1:15-2:00- Monday and Wednesday science with Mr. Lowing
    Tuesday and Thursday social studies with Mrs. Bond
    2:00-2:45- Intervention
    2:45- pack-up


    Mrs. Bond's Contact Information
    Room B104
    phone: 903-891-6650
    Conference time 11:30-12:15