Volunteer Information

  • Volunteer Application


    Go to www.shermanisd.net.

    Select Parents tab on drop down box located at the top of SISD webpage

    Select Volunteer Opportunities

    Select “Please click here to fill out an application”


    These are your choices:


    Returning Volunteers

    Log in under Returning Volunteer

    Once logged in update the fields and submit


    New Volunteers

    Register as a new volunteer

    Fill out the fields required and submit


    New volunteers who do not have a social security number will need to use their

    passport number.


    Current or Former Employees

    Log in using the last 4 digits of your SS#

    Click to update

    Update any fields required and submit


    -          Parents are not required to fill out a volunteer application for class parties, assemblies or any on campus activity.


    -          An application is necessary for field trips, tutoring or any one on one with other students.

    It will be necessary to provide a photo ID at check in.


    -          SISD employees are not required to submit a volunteer application.  They should notify the school, in advance, and present their SISD badge on arrival.


    We encourage Applicants to submit applications early. Applications are good from June until June of that school year.  There is a 24 – 48 hour turn for completion.


    A few days after the application is submitted applicants may contact their chosen school(s) to check on the status of the application.  If a status is not received by the school the applicant should notify Debbie in HR. dozendes@shermanisd.net