• Sherman ISD reviews student transfer requests on an annual basis. Transfers must be applied for and approved annually, and there is no guarantee that a previously approved transfer will be approved in subsequent years.

    Student transfer requests may be accepted or rejected for any reason. A requested campus may not be available due to staffing, facility considerations, or another reason. Student transfers are subject to revocation if the student violates the student code of conduct, attendance policy, or any other established policy. Transportation will not be provided for transfers.

    If you have any questions regarding transfers, please contact Victoria Matthews at vmathews@shermanisd.net or 903-891-6421 ext. 2052.

2024-25 Transfer Request Timeline

  • Current Sherman ISD students: February 1-29, 2024

    Current Sherman ISD students may request a transfer from their zoned SISD campus to another SISD campus for the 2024-25 school year between February 1-29, 2024. Applications are available at each campus with the secretary. Please pick up the request form at the school the student is currently attending rather than their zoned campus.