Summer School Overview

  • Sherman High School’s Summer 2020 program will be provided primarily through online instruction along with summer school teachers to facilitate student learning. Summer school is designed to help students graduate on time from high school. These online courses are aligned to the state curriculum and are self-paced. The high school summer school program provides two options for taking courses needed for high school graduation: credit recovery and accelerated credit. “Credit recovery” is for students who have failed one or more courses needed for high school graduation. “Accelerated credit” is for students who enroll in a course for the first time. Accelerated courses offered are Government and Economics for incoming Seniors and Art I for anyone who needs a fine arts credit. Accelerated courses are 75 dollars per course. 

    Because summer school courses are taught through computer-based, online instruction, students who have an internet connection may work from home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    *Note: To complete these courses during the summer, a student MUST be logged on and “active” at least five hours per day. Students who spend less than five hours per day risk not finishing a course by the end of the session. No refunds are provided for students who do not complete a class by the end of the summer session. Students who do not complete these courses may lose an elective credit and be enrolled in credit recovery to finish before, during or after school, depending on individual schedules and courses, when the new school year begins.


    Because summer school is being held remotely, attendance will be taken based on progress done in Credit Recovery and Accelerated classes. Students must advance 10% in credit recovery classes and must complete all work in Accelerated classes each day. Failure to log on and produce active progress will result in removal from the summer school program.


    No refund will be provided for accelerated courses after the first day of summer school


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