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                                                               HENRY  SORY ELEMENTARY NURSE PAGE 


                                                              HELLO I AM JEANNIE LAVENDER, R.N. 

                                                         SCHOOL NURSE FOR HENRY SORY ELEMENTARY 

                                                 I have worked for SISD for 22 years and have enjoyed working as a School Nurse

                                                 I worked as a Medical Assistant in a Dr. office prior to becoming a Nurse. This experience pushed me 

                                                 in deciding to become a Nurse. Becoming a Nurse felt like the perfect fit for me.  

                                                 I enjoy helping people and the community feel of being a Nurse. 

                                                 I have lived in Sherman for most of my life and love this community. 


                                                 PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL


                                                  I WILL DO MY BEST TO HELP IN ANY WAY THAT I CAN