• Hello, my name is Monique West.  I have been a LVN with Sherman ISD for sixteen years (all at Crutchfield) and I am entering into my thirty fifth year as a nurse.  i love being a school nurse!  I also love being a part of the Adventures afterschool program.  I became a nurse because I love to help people and make them feel better.  In nursing school I was trained to take care of a person "spirit, mind, and body."  I can honestly say I use those skills on a daily bases as a school nurse.  As a Parent/Guardian, you are a very important part of your child's well being.  Please keep the school informed of any acute/chronic health issue/illness, emotional issue, or anything that your child's school team can use in assisting your child to receive the best possible education and to nurture your child's overall well being.  This information is kept confidential and is only discussed on a need to know basis in a private setting such as ARD or 504 meetings.  Please feel free to contact me regarding your child's health.  I will do my best to assist you.

     Crutchfield Nurse Contact information:

    Monique West, LVN

    Front Office:  903-891-6565

    Clinic             903-891-6568

    Fax                903-891-6570

    email             mwest@shermanisd.net