Sherman High School Graduation Information

  • Ceremony Date - Friday, May 28, 2021 at 7 PM at Bearcat Stadium

    We are pleased to announce that Sherman High School will honor our graduates this year with one in-person commencement ceremony. Our plan is to maintain the tradition and decorum of the occasion with one ceremony, while adhering to social distancing recommendations to ensure staff and student safety. 

    There will be no graduation rehearsal for students.  Prior to graduation, students will receive a video with detailed information about the ceremony. 

    Our plan allows graduates to invite five guests to take part in the Sherman High School commencement exercise at Bearcat Stadium on May 28 at 7:00 pm.

    Procedures for students participating in the graduation ceremony: 

    Student Arrival - Students will enter through the Pecan and Lincoln Street gate on the visitor’s side of Bearcat Stadium.  

    Tickets - Each student will be able to download a total of five digital QR code tickets on May 14 at:  The student’s code for their digital ticket will be their student ID number.  Each ticket will designate a seating section for the five individuals to sit on the home or visitor side of the stadium. Once seated, we ask that all guests wear a face covering and keep six feet or more of spacing between all participants, except members of the same household (five individuals or fewer).  Guests will not be allowed in the stadium without a ticket.  Each QR code can only be scanned one time for entry.

    Seating - Each person entering the stadium is required to have a digital ticket. Our seating numbers have been calculated to a level that can be managed in the outdoor venue to maximize social distancing, both during the event and during entry and exit. 

    Ceremony - The graduation ceremony will have students entering from the visitor’s side corner of Bearcat Stadium.  Students will be given their designated ceremony line leader name on May 14.

    Exit - The graduate’s designated line leader will provide them with their diploma prior to exiting the stadium.  Once graduates have exited the field, we ask that students and their families not congregate, and exit the stadium as quickly as possible.  Congregating outside of the stadium will also be prohibited.

    Masks will be provided for graduates prior to the ceremony.  

    It is recommended that all family members wear masks.

    Other Details: 

    Inclement Weather Plan - Cancellation of the graduation ceremony due to inclement weather will be made an hour and a half before the start of the ceremony. Cancellation information will be shared with parents and students via SISD Blackboard Messenger automated call, email and text, district website, Facebook, and Twitter.  If no announcement is made, graduation will continue as scheduled.

    Streaming Service - The graduation ceremony will be streamed live on the Sherman ISD YouTube Channel for family members who are unable to attend the ceremony. A link to access the online streaming for the graduation will be posted to the Sherman ISD and Sherman High School website and Facebook pages on graduation day. 

    Photographs - A link to the website to download official graduation portraits will be available on the Sherman High School website at

    Graduation Dress Code:

    Ladies: Skirt or dress shorter than the gown (sundress is ok, but cannot be strapless) or Khaki slacks (dark is better; no blue jeans); dress shoes, open-toed shoes are fine, as long as they are not athletic shoes, or flip flops. We caution against wearing heels that are too high; you will be descending the steps on the stage, and we don’t want any injuries. 

    Men: Dress or Khaki slacks (dark is better; no blue jeans), dress shoes or dress boots (no sandals or athletic shoes), collared dress shirt and tie (white shirt looks best). 

    Sunglasses are allowed

    Cell phones will be allowed but need to be put away during the ceremony.

    We do not allow caps to be decorated.  If a graduate arrives with a decorated cap, they will be asked to purchase a new cap prior to the ceremony.