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  • Welcome Our Class Website!

    I am so excited to be a part of the Fairview Family for another year. This is year 11 in the district!  I have taught First, Seond and Third. I was a Fairview Falcon as a student, so was my mom and now my daughter is. Fairview is home to us. Second Grade is the best! It is so much fun and the kids are actively engaged in all lessons! We cover a wide variety of topics and are constantly digging deeper and expanding our schema! (Be ready for their vocabulary to expand immensly) 

    I love learning, playing with my daughter and gardening. I have two cats, Butter Dragon Pants (Butter) and Biscuit. We also have two dogs, Bacon and Charlie. We have a full furry houser! She and I can often been found at the park, Pickles and Pottery, Target or just my back yard.

    Lets Start Ot Singing! Here's One of my favorite books in a song! Reading is my favorite subject, but I have found a new passion for math recently! 

    The 2020-2021 school year will definitely look different from those in years past. I assure you your child will be loved, respected, safe and educated. Myself and our campus will follow and exceed all health and safety guidelines. 

    I use dojo daily. Please look there for daily objectives, pictures, and updates. If you reach out to my I will contact you as soon as possible, but not while students are in my presence as I will be giving them my full attention. 

    We are going to have such an amazing year! 


    Here is our class link to Dojo