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    It's a great day to be a Falcon!

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      Ms. Littlefield


    Welcome to my home page!  Please, look around at the classroom lessons page.  I will be posting what my guidance lesson topic is for the month.  I will also be adding new videos that cover various topics such as character traits and mindfulness.  During the time that we were not in school, I added videos (that I made) to the classroom lessons page that covered topics that I wanted the kids to know about.  Those are still available, but disregard the part about the pages that we sent home.  I also added other lessons in sub tabs. 


    If you want to check in with me and let me know how you are doing, please visit my counselor check in page and fill out the electronic form.  You can also email me at and check in that way. 


    I have also added pages full of links to fun activities and videos of authors reading books for you to enjoy.  If you want to learn more about CHARACTER COUNTS!, go to my character resources page.   If there are any events going on, I'll post them on the calendar. Bullying and Healthy lifestyles are hot topics, so I have pages with some bullying information and some fun health tips from the Texas Rangers.


    Don't forget to check out my Helpful Tips for Parents page where I will cover important tips and helpful information for parents, grandparents, and guardians.   


    I am the student council sponsor and if you want to know what we are up to, there will be updates, and pictures, posted on the student council tab.  We also have a Jr. Hope Squad this year!  I will post information and pictures on that page as well.  You can also check out my sub pages to read about special happenings and activities around campus such as College Week, Red Ribbon Week, and Kindness Week.


    Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.


    Who am I?

    Me Collage

    I have been either teaching and/or counseling for 34 years (1st grade, 4th grade, 8th grade English, 8th grade TAAS remediation, K-12 music, and PK-12 counseling).  I have two children: Patrick who is 35 years old, Melanie who is 32 years old (both of them are Sherman Bearcats), and two grandbabies: Lucy, who is 5 years old and Isaac, who is 3 years old.  I have a dog named Kinsler and a cat named Oliver.  My favorite hobbies are playing ice hockey, reading, singing, juggling, playing saxophone, acting (I have been in 3 commercials, in an episode of Myth Busters, in a photo shoot for Medieval Times, and in numerous local plays), doing stained glass, and I am just starting to learn how to be a watercolorist.  I love Mexican food and Chinese food.  My favorite TV shows are Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds.  Snoopy is my favorite cartoon character and Pandas are my favorite animal.  I have been the counselor at Fairview for 28 years and I love working with the students, teachers, and parents. 


    Go Fairview Falcons!


     Me and Falcon

    Theresa Littlefield

    Professional School Counselor

    Fairview Elementary