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  • We value the strong connection between our district and community. Across 12 campuses, more than 7,400 students are supported by our educator's commitment to Building Bearcats, which resonates far beyond the campus walls and lives within our community.

    In 2017, voters approved a $176 million bond election to address several district needs, including the construction of a new Sherman High School. August 8, 2018 marked the start of construction of the new school that will welcome students in January 2021.

    We invite the community to stay updated on our design, planning and construction of the 2017 bond projects. Click here for monthly construction updates.

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Future Strong

  • Gavin Wallace
    Sherman High School Sophomore Class President

    Groundbreaking Ceremony Address

    Gavin Wallace As president of the current sophomore class of Sherman High School, I am proud to have represented the class of 2021 during the new Sherman High School groundbreaking ceremony. We all take pride in knowing that we will be the first class to graduate from the new Sherman  High School. When I first began my education in Sherman ISD, I attended Neblett Elementary. Then, it was very new and exciting and my classmates and I have been fortunate enough to experience the best that Sherman ISD has to offer. As we have progressed through our school careers, we now have the opportunity of being able to end our time in high school in a fantastic new building.  I speak for my peers in expressing the honor we take in being the first graduating class of the new Sherman High School and the seriousness we hold in setting a superior precedent for all Bearcats to follow. I am also speaking on behalf of the future students that will graduate as well.

    I am sure that my younger peers are just as eager as we are to eventually attend the new building. They will have the chance not only to receive their high school education but to make lifelong memories while in the new facility. As Christine Gregoire once said, “education is the foundation upon which we build our future.” We can see that this quote holds true today through Sherman ISD and the community of Sherman providing us with this foundation in the form of building a phenomenal, state-of-the-art school building.

    Years From the class of 2021 to the first graders in the class of 2030, we represent the first ten years of graduating classes that will walk the   halls of the new Sherman High School. So today, we all say thank you for your vision and your commitment to truly building bearcats!

    We are sincerely thankful to everyone who keeps education as the top priority in Sherman, TX. We also want to thank the community for giving us the chance to be the first class to finish our high school careers in such an awe-inspiring setting.

    The community’s investment goes beyond the school and reaches into and betters the future of every student. Without a doubt, we are all  proud to be Bearcats and future Bearcats and more than excited for the New Sherman High School.

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