• Communication needs to be in the public's interest. It should be grounded in solid two-way communication techniques and used to build trust, confidence and support for doing the best for all children in our schools.

    Communication is a tool. It should be used to build up and promote all members of our system – from students, to janitors, from teachers to bus drivers.

    It builds self-esteem. Students and staff perform beyond expectations when they are proud of themselves and others. Communicating the amazing stories taking place in our schools garners students and staff the attention and notice they deserve each day.

    Communication builds character. When students and staff are recognized for their accomplishments or who they are as individuals, it encourages their peers to strive for more.

    Communicating the growth and progress of our students and staff elicits a stronger work ethic and molds positive charisma into the fabric of their development.

    To that end, the Sherman ISD Communication department is committed to supporting the district’s beliefs, vision and mission, while meeting its own purpose of providing effective, accurate communication through various means to promote Sherman ISD. Our communication will be authentic, innovative, proactive, timely, inclusive and honest.

    The primary functions of the Communications Department are:

    • Student & Staff Celebrations
    • District Storymaking
    • Community and Media Relations
    • Website oversight
    • Marketing & Publications
    • Internal/External Communication
    • Recognitions
    • Bond/Financial Communication

    Sherman ISD Communications Department
    (903) 891-6421

    Kimberly Simpson, Director  

    Sean Vanderveer, Web & Social Media Coordinator