Welcome to Fairview Elementary School - Home of the Falcons!

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    Mission Statement: SOAR

    The mission of Fairview Elementary School is to ensure quality and inspire excellence by continually increasing expectations. We will work together to create a safe, positive environment that will nurture and promote each child's sense of character and self-worth.


    Core Beliefs

    • Our school must provide an environment that is intellectually challenging, safe, nurturing, positive, caring, clean, and inviting.
    • Every day, children will be made to feel loved and supported as they are taught to value their own lives and the lives of others.
    • Our school will provide curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and teaching methods that are compassionately administered to provide every child with the opportunity to be a successful learner.
    • Fairview students can develop into life-long learners if we teach to their learning styles and expect excellence.
    • If we respect that children learn in different ways at different times, then it is our responsibility to teach so that every child can be successful.
    • That teachers, parents and students must work together to establish intelligent and achievable goals.
    • That in order to provide children with the most effective and positive learning experience, it is imperative that teachers collaborate and cooperate with their colleagues and commit to ongoing professional development.
    • The Fairview teaching and learning community is a place where ideas, insights, and support are readily given and accepted.
    • It takes a team effort including staff, parents, and the community to help each child develop into a successful and productive citizen in a changing world.
    • Our students will be taught how to make good decisions and to recognize the outcomes of their choices.