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  • Welcome to our class website !I am very excited about this year! School will begin at 7:45am Wednesday, August 15, 2018 and we will hit the ground running. Since our second graders will be learning lots of new materials, this website will be one to help parents/guardians to stay in informed, but also a learning tool and resource for the students. Anytime throughout the year if you have any questions please fill free to get in contact with me by our Class Dojo, email at ethorpe@shermanisd.net, or phone (903) 891-6565.

     ABC’s of Second Grade

    A is for attendance.  Please make sure your child attends school when possible.  Too many absences can result in your child not being promoted to third grade.

    B is for birthdays! UPDATE: we are unable to celebrate with cupcakes, but family is welcome to come have lunch with the class as we celebrate eating lunch outside (weather permitting)!

    C is for conference.  Our conference time is from 2:10-3:00.  You may schedule a conference by calling, emailing, or dojo messaging me.

    D is for Dojo. We use ClassDojo to track student behavior. Each day, your child has the opportunity to earn positive & negative points based on his/her behavior. ClassDojo Messaging allows me to send quick messages straight to your cell phone. I use this for reminders and important updates. You do not need a smart phone to receive messages. The ClassDojo app (free for iPhone & Android) also allows you to send messages to me. This is by far the best way to contact me, as I frequently see these messages before emails! I will send sign up instructions home with your child’s unique code during the first week of school. It is also allows students to securely post pictures and comments about their learning for you to see, creating a portfolio of their 2nd grade knowledge.

    E is for e-mail.  Please feel free to contact your student’s teacher using their email address. However, I would love to meet you during my conference, chat with you on the phone, or message you through Class Dojo.

    F is for Friday.   On Friday Spelling is DUE, and there will be a math fact quiz and spelling test. Please check your child’s class dojo for student behavior. For homework students are expected to read for 20 minutes (book bag should go home and come back to school daily), work on math facts, and spelling, Checking theses daily and discussing your child’s behavior and assignments will ensure the best results through consistency and accountability.

    G is for growth mindset. Growth mindset allows kids to see challenges as opportunities to grow rather than daunting judgments on who they are. This year we will be setting goals and working to achieve and continue to succeed.

    H is for homework. 2nd graders are expected to read 20 minutes each night in a book of their choosing. Research has shown independent reading to be one of the most important factors in student success. Please encourage your child to read daily, and ask questions about what he/she is reading! Students are also expected to practice math facts each day. A variety of fun ideas for practicing math facts will be sent home for your student to choose from. The practiced will be tested on Friday's speed quizzes. Some days, I may assign additional practice on a math skill we learned in class. Students are not required to do both on the same day. On Fridays we will also take spelling tests. Each student has a spelling packet in there binder. There is time in class to complete & practice spelling skills, but you may also want to practice at home, too.

    I is for illness.  Please do not send your child to school when he/she is ill.  Attendance is important, but so is your child’s health.

    J is for jackets.  Please make sure that your child’s name is inside of his/her jacket.  My classroom tends to be cold year round, and jackets are required to participate in recess if it is in the 50s!

    K is for keeping up with belongings.  Throughout the school year your child will be bringing home guided reading books and other school materials.  It is important that your child treat these items the way that he/she would want others to treat their things.

    L is for lunch.  Our class will go to lunch this year from 11:45 to 12:15.  You are welcome to eat with your child anytime (except on State Testing days).

    M is for materials.  Each student is responsible for bringing their supplies by the first day of school.  From time to time, materials could be requested for donation for various projects and activities in the classroom.

    N is for notes.  If your child is absent, please write a note and send it to school on the day that your child returns.  Also, please sign & return any notes that I send home if indicated.

    O is for on-line lunch payments.  You can add money to your child’s account by going to the Sherman ISD Food Services homepage.  That address is https://www.myschoolbucks.com/ver2/login/getmain?requestAction=home

    P is for parties.  There are two class parties each year, Winter Party, and Valentine Party.  More information will be sent home closer to the designated day and families are welcome to attend.

    Q is for questions.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, call, message, or e-mail me!

    R is for reading.  Please be sure that your child reads every night!  Guided reading, books from our classroom libraries and/or school library will start coming home after beginning of year assessments are completed.

    S is for standard base report cards. Standard based report cards are designed to give parents a clearer picture of the strengths and weaknesses of their child’s learning. You can find more info and rubrics on the district site: http://www.shermanisd.net/parents.cfm?subpage=1382279

    T is for technology.  The application of technology will be incorporated into our daily routine, as well as during a weekly trip to the computer lab.

    U is for understanding.  Please understand that each child is an individual who learns at his/her own pace.

    V is for volunteering and visitors.  We appreciate the help and encouragement from volunteers.  Sign-up to volunteer on the Sherman website http://www.shermanisd.net/parents.cfm?subpage=616641.  All volunteers MUST sign-up every year.  Let me know if you are interested in sharing your time.

    W is for website.  Here is our 2nd grade website: http://www.shermanisd.net/webpages/ethorpe/

    X is for x-tra.  Your child will be working on XtraMath to build fact fluency. Students must answer in 3 seconds to show master of Addition facts. After master of all Addition facts they will move to Subtraction, Multiplication, and then Division.

    Y is for you.  As a parent/guardian YOU play an important role in his/her education.

    Z is for zip.  We need to make the most of everyday because this year will zip on by!


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