Mrs. Stengel's Reading Class - Did you read today?

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    Mrs. Stengel

    Reading Teacher


     I am Dafne Stengel. I have begun my 24th year of teaching! I have enjoyed 17 of those years here at Crutchfield Elementary. I have taught kindergarten, first and second grades as a classroom teacher. I have been blessed with the job of the reading specialist and teach grades kindergarten through 4th grade in reading. I am so excited to help my students become better readers and instill a love of reading. It is my passion. I believe that all children can learn. Reading is a lifelong process, and it is my hope that everyone loves reading as much as I do.
    I am a mother of a 28 year old son and 20 year old daughter.
    I am a grandmother of 5 blessings.
    I am married to Mr. Stengel, who teaches at Dillingham.


    Mrs. Stengel's Reading Class:

    My reading classes are for students who are having difficulties with the reading process as determined by diagnostic procedures, running records and classroom teacher observations and recommendations. Your child will receive additional support in reading/writing instruction.  Your child will read books that will help him/her to  practice reading strategies and enhance reading comprehension.  We will also focus on how words work through the use of manipulative letters, games, and rhymes.  We will work on writing through story responses, journaling,  and descriptive writing.  This will help to improve spelling of familiar or known words.


    Parents: We need your help!!!

    Parents are our children’s first and most important teacher. It’s important that all parents build and keep strong ties to our children’s schools; the children do better and have better feelings about going to school.

    Reading is a lifelong learning process. Every day your child reads to at least one teacher within the school setting. This is not enough time or practice. In order for your child to increase their skills in any area of life, they must practice. Please practice reading with your child every day. This may be books that have been sent home with your child from school, library books, signs on the road, labels on items in the cabinets, but most of all, any kind of print.




Mrs. Stengel